Junior Manners Company (JMC) offers courses in manners and social skills critical to your child’s success. Our fun, interactive and affordable classes help youth from 3rd-9th grade to develop a higher level of social skill and civility.

We focus on social skills, manners, basic dance and social media etiquette (“netiquette”). Our fun, affordable classes run from September to March and are once a month, fitting into even the busiest schedule.

Junior Manners Company (JMC) Class Offerings

3rd-4th Grade

Manners Workshop

Interactive Saturday workshops for students that uses music, art, poetry and games to focus on social skills and manners.

5th-6th Grade

Manners Class

This class focuses on various social skills, including social media manners, greeting and shaking hands, cell phone manners, first impressions, and the all-important Holiday table manners.

7th-9th Grade

Manners Class

This class teaches manners as well as important social and life skills. The classes are interactive, with students moving in small groups from station to station.

The Advantage:

Academics and Adulthood

This new class is for students preparing to go onto College, and covers the skills they will need to be successful and happy in their daily life.

The Code


The Code teaches a deeper understanding of proper conduct that goes beyond behavior at the dinner table. Drawing upon Bushido, the 7 virtues of the Samurai, this course helps boys transition into manhood.

School Ambassador


The School Ambassador Program is an essential part of realizing JMC’s mission to help young people acquire the social skills needed to give them a competitive edge.

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