“Thank you for such a wonderful experience for my son Chris. He truly enjoyed it and can’t wait for the Life Skills class to begin.”

T. Proffitt

“Thank you for the Spring Ball and all the beautiful decorations. I really enjoyed the dance contests. You taught me a lot and made it fun.”

S. Osborn

“I had a great time this year, and would like to thank you for teaching us to treat others with honor and dignity. The balls were the best.”

C. Lupton-Wimberly

“My daughter and her friends enjoy your classes so much. After some of the classes, this group of boys and girls has actually practiced the dancing together. Cotillion is making their year together special.”

D. Thomas

“I never knew that learning social skills could be so much fun.”

C. Zanette, Assistant

"Intelligence and substance matter, along with good social skills and etiquette. In effect, Cotillion teaches a way of thinking—a way of thinking that a surprisingly few people have."

J. Blake, former assistant

“You have a wonderful presence with teenagers that captures their attention and challenges their minds.”

K. Hery, The Foundry School

“Junior Manners Cotillion said there would be good and bad interviewers. They were right! Because of my training, I was prepared and knew what to do. I got my first choice of schools.”

I. Leavy, 6th Grade and Life Skills programs

“Good manners will unlock doors that the best education will not.”

C. Thomas, Supreme Court Justice

“My daughter now has the power of knowledge, which has made her more self-confident and assured, so that she can handle any social situation. Thank you for helping her mature into a polished and confident young woman.”

C. Williams

“Elizabeth had a wonderful time at the Olympic Club. In fact, she had a wonderful time from the moment she was dropped off until she was picked up. Thank you so much for the confidence and appreciation for beauty you share with these children. I really believe that the essence of etiquette is beauty and kindness and those qualities have been there for Elizabeth to enjoy all three years."


“Nowhere else can you get this type of training and have so much fun at the same time.”

C. Proffitt

“You have a wonderful presence with teenagers; one that captures their attention and challenges their minds.”

K. Hery

“Thank you so much for inviting me to the Spring Ball. I enjoyed every minute of it! The dancing, contest and the awards were all extremely exciting. I really learned a lot in your classes and will always remember how much fun I had. I look forward to next year.”


“Nowhere on the Peninsula can you find such a comprehensive program to help young people grow into responsible, self-confident young adults.”