Today, academic achievement is not enough. Competition on every level is very high. How will your child stand out when everyone has high grades and participates in multiple extra curricular activities?


Confident and polite young people stand out in the crowd and in the classroom. They have people skills and are self-assured. These children have the competitive edge and instill trust in their professors and employers because their social poise gives them the foundation to do so.

What outcomes do you want for your child? Well, you might say, “The best.” We spend money on education, clothes and vacations. We hire coaches to make our child the best in a certain sport, send them off to great summer camps and pay for piano lessons. And yet, how many parents stop to think of investing in their child’s social skill education?

Yes, this is an investment and our window of opportunity here is short. Not just because our programs are designed for certain age groups, but because in two blinks your child will be in high school and then off to higher education or out into the work force.

At each level your child is expected to have more and more social savvy. Will his or her social skills meet the expectation of others when you are not there to guide and direct? Now is the time for their training, when they are young and can learn with their friends in a fun and interactive way.

When a child learns good table manners, social skills and the ability to put others at ease and reduce awkwardness, they walk with self-confidence and self-respect. Polite kids set themselves apart and fit into any level of society. They develop a level of class that no one can take away from them. It is training they will use for a lifetime. It will open many doors that even a good education can’t. It gives your children the security of knowing their actions and decisions are correct.

Whether at school or in business, others will want to be around your child. This is the success you want for your children and it is the return on your JMC investment.