JMCBannerHow our program is different

While most other programs primarily emphasize dancing with minimal focus on social etiquette, Junior Manners Cotillion primarily focuses on manners and etiquette in a contemporary world.

We teach social skills, manners, and social media etiquette for 3rd to 9th graders. Each program introduces students to a higher level of social skills and civility. These are the skills, body language, poise and grace, which universities and future employers look for.

What your child will learn


  • R.S.V.P.
  • Thank you notes
  • Correspondence
  • First impressions
  • Cell phone manners
  • Social media manners
  • Manners in public places
  • Greeting and shaking hands
  • Assisting with doors and coats
  • Basic table manners and settings
  • Paying and receiving compliments


  • Basic dance courtesy
  • Basic ballroom dance taught to popular music


  • Dress codes
  • When to stand and sit
  • Formal dining
  • Receiving lines
  • Escort position
  • Seating a partner
  • Corsages and boutonni√®res
  • Asking a person to dance
  • Answering formal invitations