What This Class Teaches

  • “Real world” manners and social skills
  • Good behavior with peers
  • Making right choices

Class Overview

This is an invitation-only program for students who have completed the Life Skills Program.

Classroom learning only takes a student so far, but practicing in actual situations with their peers is the ultimate training and polishing for a well-poised and well-mannered young adult. Whether they are going  to college or entering the work force, this training is invaluable.

The Out and About Program takes students to events as casual as bowling and as formal as black tie dining and dancing at the Olympic Club. In these immersive social settings Students can feel comfortable asking any questions and receiving well-informed answers.

This class is ideal for students who  just starting to date or will be starting to date soon.  Confidence and awareness of good behavior helps a young person feel comfortable around the opposite sex.

About This Class

  • When: September through March
  • Format: Once a month, on a Saturday or Sunday
  • Cost: To be determined
  • Location: Classes for Burlingame planned 2015

Contact JMC for more information.