1894658Class Overview

Applying for private school is a grueling process. Interviewing can be difficult at any age, but when you are in middle or high school and don’t know what to expect, it can be both stressful and gut wrenching.

We have developed a method of training young people for private school interviews that empowers them to handle the situation with grace and confidence. Each child is empowered by their “Secret Advantage.” This advantage is a very powerful tool and has been known to be the deciding factor in granting acceptance.

What This Class Teaches

  • Verbal and psychological interview techniques
  • Proper etiquette for an interview
  • 13 most common questions asked in an interview and how to answer them
  • 3 most important things an interviewer is looking for
  • How to make a good impression on a bad interviewer

About This Class

  • When: Year Round
  • Format: 1 private, two-hour session
  • Cost: Depends on the number of students
  • Location: In your home

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