Regular attendance is required as each lesson builds on the one prior. If a student misses 3 classes, they will be dropped from the roll.

Class Make-ups

You may make-up at any location that has your program. Refer to your class’ schedule to locate classes for a make-up.

Please note that make-up classes are a courtesy. When a large number of students are absent from their regular class, it not only makes an impact on that class, it makes an impact on the make-up class. For that reason, large numbers of students may not be able to make-up together. We do our best to accommodate.

For illness or emergencies, call 650.340.9860. Students are encouraged to schedule a make-up class (see class schedule and locations). Make-ups are offered as a courtesy, but sometimes can’t be accommodated.

When To Arrive

We ask that students arrive 10 minutes early for instruction and sign-in. If you need to bring a student earlier or will be late to pick up, please call Ms. Gerzanic’s cell: 650.346.3026 or email us at least 24 hours prior to class.


Please notify us of any medical or learning conditions.

Parent Volunteers

Parent volunteers are welcome to assist at JMC classes.  For more information please email us at


Parents are asked to chaperone at least one class, with four parents needed per class to assist the Team Mom. Both moms and dads can be chaperones.

To volunteer for a class, email us.

Student Assistant Program

High School students can earn community service credits by assisting at the JMC classes. Contact JMC for more information.

December Event and Spring Ball


Individual and/or group pictures of both students and their families are taken at the December event and Spring Ball. Photos are ready at the end of the ball.

Arrive 1-2 hours early to allow adequate time for pictures. We suggest that students eat before they arrive.


All family and friends are invited to the Parent Honor Dance. During the last 30 minutes of the Spring ball. In preparation for the Spring Ball there will be dance instruction at the Host with the Most event in February.


  • Dads: Coat and tie
  • Moms: Dress or skirt (no pants please)