Etiquette isn’t about being fancy. It’s about being thoughtful and kind to others.

There are three key ideas behind today’s good manners:

  • Custom
  • Common Sense
  • Consideration

Custom is the habit of doing certain things like shaking hands and tipping hats. Common Sense is making reasonable or responsible decisions. For example, if you are standing in the rear of a crowded elevator it’s not responsible–-or common sense–to push your way to the front to get out first. Consideration is thinking about another person’s feelings or “putting yourself in their shoes.” Almost always, being considerate means being well-mannered. Consideration is the most important idea behind all good manners. Being rude to someone is bad manners, not because a book says so, but because it causes hurt feelings.

JMC wants to give you, as a student, the tools to be a gracious, courteous, and successful individual.