Applications are accepted from March through August. You need to be in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade in September to participate in this program.

There is no charge for this five class program. All assistants receive a class book and are expected to complete each assignment by the following training class. You will also attend a December event and the Spring Ball in March. Assistants should be on time to class and conduct themselves with poise and grace.

What does a Junior Manners Cotillion Assistant do?

  • Sets an example of good behavior
  • Takes care of some class duties, such as checking attendance, helping to decorate the room, and making sure badges are worn correctly
  • Assists with the music
  • Demonstrates dance steps
  • Participates in skits
  • Monitors students in class
  • Graciously corrects disruptive behavior from students

Why should I become a Junior Manners Cotillion Assistant?

  • Manners and social skills training
  • Training in basic dance
  • Leadership training
  • An opportunity to build your self-confidence
  • Valuable job experience
  • Assistants earn community service credits

To be eligible to become an assistant you must have:

  • Willingness to learn dance and social skills
  • School grade average of “B” or better
  • Better than average rhythm for dancing
  • An outgoing personality
  • A sincere desire to help others
  • The approval and support of your parents

Student Assistant dress code:

As an assistant, you must dress appropriately and be well-presented to all functions.


  • Skirts and blouses/sweaters, or a dress
    • No spaghetti straps or bra straps showing
    • The hemline for skirts and dresses is below the knee
  • Dress flats or heels
    • Nothing that will flip-flop


  • Suit or sport coat with slacks/Dockers pants
    • No athletic clothing
  • Dress shirt
  • Tie
  • Dress shoes
    • No athletic shoes

I’m interested. How can I become a Junior Manners Cotillion Assistant?

Be sure to discuss the information above with your parents. Being a JMC Assistant requires a level of commitment.

Fill out and submit the online application. Once we get your application, we’ll set a date for your interview. Contact us if you have any questions.