If you have trouble remembering the diagram for a basic table setting, then this blog is for you. In fact, we’re not only going to teach you how to set the table, we already have.  

You’re looking back over of the remarkably short article and thinking, “What? How? Did I miss something? I want my money back!”

Relax. The title of this article is the lesson. Through the magic of mnemonics (and no, that doesn’t mean we can read your mind) we are providing you an easy-to-remember guide to where everything goes. Take a look at the title again, and pay careful attention to the first letter of each word:







And, just as you move left to right to read the sentence, move left to right as you place each item.

But what about “Ok”? We’re glad you asked. Ok reminds you to make the “Ok” sign with both hands. Notice how your left hand forms a lower case b and your right forms a lower case d?

b-is-for-breadb=bread and butter dish goes on the left, in front of the setting.





d-is-for-drinkd=drink glasses go on the right, in front of the setting.



Now, put it all together and you will (say it with us): Never Fail Placing Keen Settings, Okay?


Here endeth the lesson.