Our Mission

Junior Manners Company's mission is to help young people acquire the social skills needed to give them a competitive edge and make their transition into adult society an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Our Legacy

Since 1995, we have had over 6,000 students complete our programs, with many of these students taking more than one year of instruction. In any given year, our students represent approximately 40 schools.

Why Junior Manners Company (JMC)?

Junior Manners Company offers fun and affordable programs providing students instruction and practice in good manners and social skills that will help them to be successful. These comprehensive programs of manners are for both everyday and formal occasions. Each class is a memorable event with a focus on contemporary manners skills.

What Makes JMC Different From Other Programs?

JMC focuses on manners. Most other programs emphasize dancing with some instruction on social etiquette. We teach social skills, manners and social media manners, with each program introducing students to a higher level of social skills and civility. These are the skills, body language, poise and grace colleges and future employers look for.