A Manners Game

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Blunders Board Game Box

The other day I blogged about the art of making manners fun and using games to teach table manners. A few days later I blogged about intentionally unplugging, and having a family night without outside distractions. Then it hit me – why not combine the two? So I looked online to see what kind of board games there were to teach manners. I found a great one – Blunders by Aimee Symington and distributed by PATCH. My children and I played it the other night and it was great. You play the game along with the Blunders family, Billy, the twins Brenda and Bobby, Becky, their parents Burt and Barbara, and their dog Butch. They are a happy family, but their blundering ways cause other people to think badly of them. Their neighbors yes you guessed it, the Mannerlys, invite the Blunder children to attend their legendry Annual Pool Party Extravaganza, but things don’t go well. The Mannerlys ask the Blunders to leave the party and tell them they can only come back if they improve their manners. The Blunder children want to come back, have more friends at school and improve their manners, but need the help of the live players to do so. Each person playing is a Blunder character and the youngest player rolls the dice. The color face up on the die shows which color card to draw. The player on the left reads the card aloud and the player tries to answer correctly. Different color cards deal with manners in different situations- the home, school, at the table, and playing with others. There are five types of questions – multiple choice, acting out, true or false, scenario and good job. There are also oops cards dealing with the consequences of bad manners. If you answer the question correctly you get to move along the board, and if you get an oops card you move backwards. You gain and loose friends and other things along the way towards the finish line. As each player reaches the finish they get an invitation to the Mannerly’s Pool Party. The game is easy to learn, fun to play, and a great way to make manners fun and interesting. Blunders costs around $17 and is easily accessible from Amazon and various other game sites.