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Class Overview

Continuing our mission, JMC is proud to announce a new course for boys: The Code. Based on seven time-honored virtues of the Samurai, The Code teaches a deeper understanding of proper conduct that goes beyond behavior at the dinner table.*

To create The Code, JMC’s new course for young men, we did just that. Drawing upon Bushido, the 7 virtues of the Samurai, we have created a course that will help boys transition into manhood.

The perspective of The Code is that men should embrace both their power and responsibility in society. The centuries-old tenets of Bushido provide the framework to help boys integrate these two concepts and reach their full potential for their own lives and the world around them.

The Code methodology is old school, ancient in fact. We employ the Socratic Method of asking questions instead of spoon-feeding answers to stimulate dialogue and critical thinking about course topics. We also include eastern practice with western technique by incorporating a hands-on lesson in Shodo (Japanese calligraphy). At the conclusion of class, the student’s work can serve as a reminder of what they’ve learned and encourage them to practice it in their daily lives.

Each class focuses on a specific virtue and explores it through in-depth discussion, case study, and even art. When possible, classes will also host guest speakers on topics of particular relevance.

The Code concludes with a ceremony to mark more than just the end of a course, but the beginning of a lifestyle of honor and success.

Class Dates

The Code is available as a course of 7 monthly classes, as well as a one-day, intensive class designed for boys from second to ninth grade. Class capacity is 20 and tuition includes materials.

For more information on The Code, including upcoming dates and enrollment, contact us.

If you would like us to bring The Code to your school please contact us at [email protected].