For Students

Having good manners isn’t about being elite or fancy, it’s about being thoughtful and kind to others. There are three key ideas behind good manners:

  • Custom
  • Common Sense
  • Consideration

Custom is the ritual behind certain behaviors like shaking hands and tipping a hat. Did you know that shaking hands was originally used to show someone that you weren’t carrying a weapon?

Common Sense is making reasonable or responsible decisions. Like choosing to wait your turn to get off a crowded elevator instead of pushing others out of your way.

Consideration is thinking about another’s feelings or “putting yourself in their shoes.” It’s almost impossible to be considerate without being well-mannered. In fact, it’s one of the foundations of good manners.

JMC courses are designed to give students the tools and teach them the skills to be a gracious, courteous, and successful individuals.

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