Intentional Summer Unplugging

The word unplug in script

What did you do during the endless days of summer vacation – roam the neighborhood with your friends, swim in the pool, build forts in the backyard? Today however, some kids are more likely to roam the internet, swim in a sea of media and ‘play’ on Facebook.

How do you get children to unplug, play in the sun, and stay safe when they are free from the constraints of school?

Cell Phone Contract

Mom and son reading a contract together

With age comes responsibility, and what better way to teach students about responsibility than giving them a clearly laid out list of rules with their new Christmas gift. That is what Janell Hoffman did for her son when she handed him his new cell phone. What is interesting however, is not that a mother would write out a list of dos and don’ts attached to the use of a phone, but that the media should be abuzz with it for days, and thousands of parents download it.