An Order of Courtesy…and a Side of Fries

Drive-Thru Open 24 Hours Neon Sign

Manners enhance a meal as much as a well-chosen wine pairing or a pinch of seasoning. And that goes for meals that come in boxes from a window, too. Just because elbow placement isn’t an issue when you’re ordering grub-on-the-go at any of our country’s (way too many) fast food establishments, that doesn’t mean drive-thrus don’t have decorum as well. Remembering a few simple, considerate tips will help keep your meals happy and your food fast.

ABC’s of School Manners

Kids in bright T-shirts jumping and waving

Everyone knows manners should be part of a student’s list of school supplies, tucked neatly among the pencils, papers, and textbooks. However, one of the most powerful reasons good social skills are so valuable might not be so obvious: manners can help give students a legitimate sense of control at a time when they are struggling most to gain some.