teaching kids empathy

Teaching Kids About Empathy

Young girl sitting on Mom's lap

What is empathy? To put it succinctly, it's the ability to understand and care about how other people feel. It is important to teach children about empathy. Children that develop the ability to care about others become adults who can understand the actions and emotions of those around them. If a child does not learn empathy from their family and peers, it can lead to anti-social behavior later on for that individual. Being able to pay attention and respond to the emotions of others in a socially recognizable way helps us to work out our differences more productively.

Teach Manners, Teach Empathy

Two girls pinching their cheeks

Many of the benefits of manners are easy to see: it demonstrates good upbringing; it burnishes a family’s reputation; it provides a set of rules that, when followed, helps individuals “fit in” to society; it may even make the difference between getting promoted and passed over. Yet, there is a deeper payoff to good manners that is often overlooked—the development of empathy.