Janine Gerzanics

Headshot of Janine Gerzanics
Director Junior Manners Company

Janine was born in England at a time when learning social skills and manners came naturally from family, friends, and schools. It was a time of a polite society where respect for your elders and others was and still is important.

As the director of the New Junior Manners Company, she is committed to instilling these beliefs and benefits to the children of the Peninsula. Janine has seen social manners evolve, and is delighted to help parents and students navigate the social skills needed for these new and important methods of communication.

In addition to teaching the New Junior Manners Company, Janine is also a professor of Literature at West Valley College. She is a manners consultant to businesses, a keynote speaker and an author.

Janine is the mother of two children, who are the light of her life and have provided insight into what children really need these days in order to navigate our complex society.

Ms. Janine Gerzanics is a professor and a mother who has always been committed to the development and growth of young people. As the Sunday school director in her church for the past 10 years, she has touched the lives of many children.